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Travellers come in all shapes and sizes and while some travel for the mere love of seeing and experiencing different countries and cultures, others travel for different reasons.

If you do not find yourself on this list, then, brace yourself: you’re a normal traveller.

Note: This is a light-hearted post and is not meant to offend anyone’s travelling sensibilities.

1. The Fashionista – This kind of traveller travels to new and exotic locations only to flaunt clothing he/she would not be able to in his/her own country. Sometimes this results in being dressed inappropriately even in another country, and making the Fashionista look more like a ramp-walking model rather than an interested traveller. You will find millions of photos of a Fashionista in front of world famous monuments, dressed in all kinds of fashionable clothes, so that when someone sees a photo, all eyes will be on the Fashionista directly. A Fashionista will remember the clothes he/she wore, but not the places he/she saw.

2. The Click-o-maniac – This traveller is a new obsessive ‘photographer’ interested in documenting every single part of his/her trip. Will take thousands of photographs of the same place, paying so much attention to how many pictures he/she is taking that he/she misses out on the story of the place. When the click-o-maniac returns home, he/she has memory cards full of photographs, but no idea about where he/she has been.

3. The Stamp Collector – This kind travels only to get stamps on his/her passport. This means covering as many countries as possible in as short a time-span as possible. What this eventually results in is a lot of stamps on the passport but a really touch-and-go travelling experience. Ask a Stamp Collector about something related to a country he/she has ‘visited’ and you might just as well get a blank stare. A Stamp Collector’s memory will be muddled completely with the nine or ten countries he/she has visited in a week.

4. The Hotel Snob – This kind of traveller is too uninterested in stepping outside his/her hotel. No matter where this traveller goes, most of his/her time is spent in the hotel, making sure to use up all the amenities provided. Thus, the travel experience of this traveller never stretches beyond the confines of his/her luxurious hotel.

5. The Shop-o-phile – This traveller knows all the shopping places in the country he/she is visiting and spends all his/her time scooping up the best bargains for electronic items, bags, shoes, and essentially things you can get elsewhere for perhaps slightly higher prices. No time is spent actually going around the country and experiencing its culture and history.

6. The Culture-phobe – This kind of traveller tries to drown out a country’s culture by sticking around people from his/her own country, eating in restaurants which serve his/her cuisine, and by constantly bickering about the bizarre culture in this new country.

7. The Baywatcher – This kind of traveller only visits the world’s famous beaches to get a tan, watch people in swimwear and flaunt his/her own. After these relaxation activities, the Baywatcher heads to his/her hotel or may also choose to become the Party Freak. Kind of similar to the Fashionista in a way, but leans only towards beach destinations.

8. The Party Freak – This kind of traveller only travels to party capitals of the world and spends an unhealthy amount of time partying away amidst loud music, gyrating strangers, and blinding lights. Is usually so drunk and clueless by the end of the party, that he/she has nothing else planned for the day.

9. The Concrete-o-phile – This traveller sees no point of travelling to countries that are not ‘developed’, that do not have great communication systems, do not have high-rises and are not covered in glorious smog. As a result, this traveller easily snubs any country that does not fit into his/her own idea of ‘developed’.

10. The Sultan’s Heir – This kind of traveller only travels in luxury, whether it is flying by first class, staying in a 7-star hotel, going around in a limousine or in a helicopter. This traveller would never walk the roads for the fear of denting his/her shoes. He/she would opt for exclusive packages such as living and dining beside a historical site (but not being aware of its significance). After the trip, he/she would tell friends how good or bad the service and luxury options were in the country, making impressions based solely on that.

11. The Glutton for Danger – This kind of traveller loves all kinds of dangerous places and activities. The love of danger will take this traveller through warring countries, countries where people fear to tread, and to places where no life-loving person would visit. This traveller also gets a kick out of dangerously life-threatening activities.

12. The Hermit – This kind of traveller packs practically nothing into his/her backpack and goes around the world with very little money and personal belongings, depending on the kindness of strangers and the weather for survival. He/she has no fixed place to stay on his/her travels and therefore relies on hitchhiking, and camping out in the wilderness.

So what kind of ‘unique traveller’ are you? 😉