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What Repatriation Means for Third Culture Kids

Anarya's Sanctuary

Coming back home is always a great feeling. Returning to the place where you were born, grew up, spent your life, and consider your true home, is an experience that cannot be replaced by anything else. The familiarity of the streets, the nostalgia that slowly builds up as you walk the same paths, and see the same houses, is something both magical and beautiful. Seeing the same faces and reliving your best memories is a joy that is boundless. But does repatriation mean the same thing for everyone? Does it mean returning to a world which you love most, but had put aside for some time?

For Third Culture Kids, this feeling may be something they actually hear about, but cannot experience themselves. For a TCK, repatriation can not necessarily be put on the same level as joy. A TCK for most part has no home. Home is more of…

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