Some more Iranian New Wave Cinema love

Anarya's Sanctuary

There are some films that touch your heart in manners you cannot fathom – and Majidi’s films seem to fit this category perfectly. After watching the heartfelt Children of Heaven and the heartbreaking Colour of Paradise, moving to Majidi’s poignant masterpiece Baran was inevitable. After watching it last night, I have only one thing to say. This is perhaps one of the purest love stories I have had the good fortune of ‘experiencing’ – and I say ‘experience’ because it really feels like one.

Majidi is an acclaimed Oscar nominated Iranian director who is renowned for this subtlety and sensitivity. He picks stories that you or I would never dream of choosing – stories about lost shoes, blind children, and the silent love one construction worker has for another. There is no live-action director that can possibly touch his simplicity in making films – his focus on the small…

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