Anarya's Sanctuary

The Ancient City of Polonnaruwa is an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. This is one city where modernisation has mingled peacefully with ancient ruins. Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Ancient Sri Lanka from around the 9th Century to the 13th Century, after Anuradhapura. It has some beautifully preserved ruins that have earned it a special place on Sri Lanka’s cultural map.

My family trip to Polonnaruwa was tiring, and yet full of awe and beauty. Polonnaruwa is a beautiful city even now, with neat shops and houses. The residents of this old city respect the ruins, and tourists are expected to respect them too. The city is green and lush with natural beauty. The Polonnaruwa Lake has some amazing sights, and an ancient canal still runs through, providing clean, usable water to the residents of Polonnaruwa.

Here are some of the sights we saw during…

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