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DISCLAIMER: This is a crazy, random post.

I thought today would be a good day to post something – you know – 12/12/12. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about this on Facebook, including some about people who are so happy that the world hasn’t ended yet. Not so fast I would say! I do not believe the world is going to end on the 21st this month. However, I think the human race might be wiped out some day (no I don’t mean in less than 10 days), as a result of our own callousness if not as a direct result of some cosmic occurrence. But that’s still aeons away.

In spite of all this crazy Doomsday talk, I actually pondered on a hypothetical situation where the world is coming to an end. Say the world was going to end for humans on the 21st of December 2012. Supposing everyone wasn’t going hysterical over it but had begun to accept it and move on. What would you actually like to do before it ended? I think it would be fun just to imagine what one would do in such a short time.

I wonder if someone would actually have the time to make a plan about what to do – you know like a list of things to buy or a list of places to go to. Just that this is going to be sort of a morbid list, where you realise that no one is going to read anyway. Because the world is going to end (hypothetically, remember?).

Moving on…if I had about 9 days to make a plan about what to do before the world ended, this might resemble my supposed list.

Days until the world ends (in my dreams): 9

Day 1 – Make sure that my whole family is together (that’s going to require some travel). Watch four different films (ones I’ve never watched before). Start packing feverishly.

Day 2 – Fly to any of the countries on my Travel Bucket List (but visas could be a problem for some of the countries!). Travel around with family and see whatever I wanted to see.

Day 3 – Relax. Hey! I’m still travelling remember? Hopefully wandering around in Armenia or Georgia.

Day 4 – Connect to the internet and tell people I like that they mean a lot to me (no I don’t mean it in a ‘love confession’ sense). Cross the border into a neighbouring country if necessary.

Day 5 – Cross the border into Iran. (One or two days in one country is like having one or two grains of sugar for dessert).

Day 6 – Call up people I dislike to express how much I dislike them (or maybe not, because no one wants to know just a handful of days before the world ends that they weren’t liked). Otherwise, go around and eat good food.

Day 7 – Fly into Afghanistan or Iraq. Do you really think they’d be major conflicts there if people knew the world was close to ending?

Day 8 – Fly back ‘home’. I still don’t know where that is. Meet extended family and spend time with them. Go to the beach with everyone and act like crazy kids.

Day 9 – Celebrate my birthday in advance (because I’m not going to see it anyway). Dress up in nice clothes, have a nice day with family and then wait for the end of the world. Fun right?

Though I laugh at the idea of the end of the world, I have to admit that it does get me thinking about what I really think is important for me. Who knew a weird theory like that could actually lead someone to think seriously about his/her priorities?

So if I really had to narrow down on who I would want to be with when the world ends – it would be my family. I would have loved to see some friends as well, but I guess everyone would want to be with their families or people they love before they die.

Where would I like to be when the world ends? I’m not sure. I’m still confused about where I belong! Maybe I’d love to be travelling at the time.

Since the world isn’t actually going to end at all, this list is totally redundant, and so is this post. Now you see what I meant by ‘this is a crazy, random post’.😀

My next post will probably be up after 9 days😉. Until then, ‘live long and prosper’.

Just for fun – what would be on your list if the world was really going to end?