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This is actually a very random post.

I took these photos today when I was out for a walk on the terrace. While I was looking at the clouded moon, I saw the silhouette of a small spider around its web and decided I had to take a photo. I admit the photos aren’t as great as I’d hoped they would be, but they were very difficult to capture. Since it was cloudy, visibility was very low and I had to try and find the spider on my telephoto lens (which was overly difficult), and focus on it against the moon. I would have loved to capture both the moon and spider clearly, but of course my lens didn’t allow that. So now it seems like the spider is against some kind of light – but that’s just the moon.

Here are the results. The first and third photos have been cropped to make them seem bigger. The second was left untouched (and it’s my favourite because the spider is so clear in that one that you can even see its web a bit – but you can also see a bit of fungus from my lens unfortunately).