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I’ve been nominated for yet another Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you Rebecca Budd from Clanmother for this honour!

Clanmother’s Blog reflects very interesting opinions and experiences, along with some lovely photographs. Rebecca’s blog posts are witty, well-written and inspirational, and her blog truly deserves the awards it has received.

I have accepted this particular award again so that I can nominate more deserving bloggers I couldn’t nominate last time.

1). Anyway, as per the rules, I have to link back to the person who nominated me. I would really advise everyone to visit Clanmother’s Blog. She has a lovely one.

2). Then I have to post the image here:

3). Here are seven random facts about myself:

1. I feel nostalgic watching old black and white movies, though I wasn’t born in that era.

2. Anarya Andir is a Tolkien-esque name I invented.

3. I love animated movies and cartoon shows.

4. I’m a fan of movie scores.

5. I do not have a favourite movie because I don’t believe one movie can be ‘the best’.

6. I can never answer the question ‘where are you from’ without hesitating and reflecting.

7. I started this blog as part of a class assignment in 2009 but deleted all the posts after the assignment was over. Then in mid-2011, I started this blog ‘properly’.

4). And here comes the best (but the hardest part) – nominating 15 other blogs for this award and informing them about the nomination. I have to admit that I can think of only 10 blogs right now. I’m sure I could find five more, but I’m really having a hard time. These are the ones I could remember as of now.

1. Amazing travel writing – I keep visiting this blog a lot.Β http://farsidetravel.net/

2. Since I’m so interested in the Caucasus region, I find a lot of incredible information here. http://georgiaabout.wordpress.com/

3. Wonderful poetry and photographs that never cease to amaze me. http://riveroftheheartblog.wordpress.com/

4. I absolutely love this blog. Wonderful photos – they leave me awestruck every single time! http://scottseyephotos.wordpress.com/

5. Love reading about Richard’s amazing adventures in China as well as seeing the amazing photos of his trip. http://honesterrors.com/

6. This blog has some seriously amazing photographs. I always love looking at them. http://mathiaslphotos.wordpress.com/

7. I LOVE Bella’s photographs – the fresh perspectives, colours, compositions. http://bellaremyphotography.wordpress.com/

8. What can I say, Neely’s photos are in a word – Incredible. Something so aesthetically pleasing about them. http://neelywang.com/

9. I have no idea about knitting and stuff, but this blog has some amazing knitting patterns and ideas. Really have to give kudos to the creativity that goes into making them. http://knittinggalore.wordpress.com/

10. Amazing photographs of some amazing places around the world. http://myfarawayplaces.wordpress.com/

If for some reason a blogger wants to decline the nomination, I fully understand and appreciate your decision. I want you to know that I find your blog inspiring anyhow.