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It’s kind of weird that I’m writing yet another blog post about being nominated for another award this week. A bit overwhelming!

I have Daniela, from Lantern Post to thank for this award. She has been overly kind in choosing me for the “Reader Appreciation Award” and I’m very humbled. Thanks Daniela!

Daniela is a wonderful blogger who has written some magnificent prose and poetry. You should really check out her blog to get a taste of the wonderful things she writes about.

According to the rules, I have to…

1.       Post seven interesting things about myself (yet again)

Well here goes (and they might not be interesting at all) :

  1. I love chocolate especially fine, dark chocolate.
  2. I wish to make a movie someday (really).
  3. The countries I really wish to visit in the near future include (but are not limited to) are Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Syria, Indonesia, Laos, Egypt and Greece.
  4. I love ancient history and wanted to become an archaeologist (specifically an Egyptologist) as a kid.
  5. I don’t drink tea or coffee or alcohol (just out of choice).
  6. I love taking photographs but hate being photographed.
  7. When it comes to music, I’m really a classical music lover (though I do listen to other kinds of music)

2.       Nominate five to ten blogs, I feel deserve the award,

Again, this is the most difficult part as so many blogs suddenly come in front of me. However, as I have to choose just under 10, I’m going to list out the following because I feel they deserve it. I wish I could have picked more!











3.       Let them know about the nomination.

If for any reason a blogger wishes to decline this nomination, I respect your choice and wish to tell you that I really appreciate your blog nonetheless!

Once again, thank you! That’s the second time I’ve been honoured this week.