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One of the best soundtracks I’ve had the chance of listening to is the soundtrack to a very obscure Japanese television series which aired on NHK in 1995. I watched it much later on in 2001 though. Until recently I went slightly crazy trying to look for its soundtrack online. It doesn’t help that records of this amazing television series are pretty much non-existent in the English-speaking world and are very limited in the Japanese-speaking world. Imagine if the television series is that hard to find – how difficult would finding the soundtrack to it be?

After eight years of searching (I’m not kidding), and translating the composer’s name into Japanese, and looking for websites on him and the like, I had an amazing stroke of luck.

I found a blog (in Japanese), on the composer (Aki Fukakusa) and the aforementioned soundtrack. Using my best Japanese (what’s Google Translate for?), I managed to get more information on this rare jewel. I have to thank a particular Japanese blogger with all my heart for all that information. Without that kind blogger, nothing would have been possible. I did have to do a lot of translating to decipher what the kind blogger had said in reply, but it was well worth it.

So if you’re in a mood to listen to some amazing Japanese music, I really recommend this soundtrack. It is from a TV series called ‘Kura’. The version I watched on television was dubbed in English and was called ‘A Storehouse of Dreams’.

I’m very much in love with the television series and though it’s available on PlayAsia, it has no English subtitling or dubbing and I will either have to wait years to buy it (by which time I can hopefully learn Japanese), or I’d have to become a Japanese person in my next life.  If anyone has any information on the series, I’d be more than happy to hear from you. If not, then please enjoy the music. 🙂


Here’s a track from the whole soundtrack:

Here’s a live performance of the soundtrack: