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It’s my blog’s first anniversary this month (if you don’t count the posts I deleted before re-starting this blog last May), so I thought I’d just say a short thank you.

A lot of things have changed in the past year, but it’s always nice to be able to come back to a space where I can write about what I love. I’m far from famous in the blogging world, and for a good reason (there are just too many awesome blogs around), but I’m very grateful to those who have taken their time to visit my blog. A big thank you to all ‘likers’ and ‘commenters’. It’s always great to get feedback :). An even bigger thank you to my followers, because you saw something good in this blog :).

I’ve been blessed to have visitors from 96 countries since WordPress started the country stats on February 25, 2012. That’s enormous! Thank you everyone! I know you ALL won’t read this, but all the same :D.

My most ‘famous’ blog post has been ‘What’s With Twilight‘. Is it ironic that a post on something I’m not so fond of, should be on the top? Hmmmmm.

The most popular topic I’ve written about is ‘Films‘ (like that’s a surprise).

Okay, I should stop getting all blown away now. Back to work! 😀