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Right, so it’s that time of year again when all Twihards gather to watch the latest installment in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga. Thankfully I’m not a Twihard so I didn’t follow the routine of dying to get a ticket for opening night or standing in a long queue to get into the theatre or drooling at the large posters of Edward or Jacob at the counter. What I did however, is watch the movie – not out of love or compulsion, but out of sheer curiosity. When a lot of people in the world are going gaga about some ‘pop phenomenon’, I like to see for myself if the craze is worth it. In terms of the Twilight saga, I don’t really know where the mania comes from.

Anyhow, I watched Breaking Dawn last night…and…it gave me some nightmares. Oh yes it did.

Here’s the plot synopsis:

Bella and Edward get married. Jacob, who had run away after receiving the wedding invitation, returns during Bella’s wedding party and expresses his angst regarding Bella’s future with Edward. Newlywed Bella and Edward go to Isle Esme and consummate their marriage. Before we know it, Bella is pregnant with a child that is growing at an alarming rate inside her. Edward immediately perceives this child as a threat and decides that they should go back to Forks and seek help from Carlisle to abort it.

Jacob gets to know of this and sees that Bella has become weak and emaciated and he believes that giving birth to this child will kill Bella. He leaves the Cullen residence heartbroken but when he discovers that the Quileute tribe perceives Bella’s yet-to-be-born baby as a threat and wants to kill her and the unborn child, Jacob decides to split from the pack and warn the Cullens about the Quileute plan. Unable to hunt and unable to bring food for Bella to eat (as the wolf pack is waiting for the right time to attack), leaves Bella very weak.

After the time Jacob creates a diversion to allow Carlisle and Esme to hunt, Bella’s rib breaks and Edward has to perform an emergency C-section on her. He gets the baby out but soon after that, Bella’s heart stops. Edward tries to bring her back to life by injecting his venom and then sinking his teeth into her nerve points, but she remains dead.

Jacob decides to kill the baby, whom he thinks is the reason Bella is dead. But when he sees the child, he imprints on her.

In the end, Bella is shown becoming ‘normal’ as the poison spreads in her system. But when she opens her eyes, they are red.


Oh man, this is difficult. I mean REALLY difficult. I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible here so I’m going to try and find a few good points. I thought the starting scenes were the best; Bella and Alice preparing for the wedding, Bella’s nightmares, Bella’s wedding and reception. Anything after that wasn’t worth liking.

The wedding setup was really beautiful – dreamy almost – and Bella’s dress was really nice. What was the best part about the wedding though? I’d have to say it was Charlie. I’ve always liked Charlie in the Twilight films. And here he really steals the show though he appears for a very short time. I like the way he says ‘Never’ when Bella tells him ‘Please don’t let me fall Dad’. Also, I thought his speech about ‘thinking Edward would make a good husband’ was quite hilarious. In fact the speeches there were quite enjoyable to watch (apart from that of Edward). I also thought the part when Bella says bye to Charlie before going off on her honeymoon was really sweet.

For a change, I think Kristen Stewart has moved up an inch in her acting. She’s acting better and at least her crying was kind of natural here (not like the crying she did when Edward left her in New Moon). Robert Pattinson is still disappointing, though I definitely think the guy has potential. From the three main characters, I think Jacob (Taylor Lautner) had really improved in his acting. Strangely, I started liking the character of Jacob. I felt his pain a bit more and I think the film let his character develop quite a bit. I really think Bella is stupid – she preferred Mr Diamonds over Mr Shapeshifter.

Oh and I thought Seth was really good too – he was funny.

The musical score was quite good and all the actors are pretty good looking – so I guess that could be considered as a good thing.

Oh and the only line which I can recall (strangely) is from Jacob! Probably because I thought it was quite funny. Weird huh? Remember when he comes to meet Bella and Rosalie is watching him closely but then Bella tells Rosalie that she’ll be alright with Jacob? Well after Rosalie leaves them alone, Jacob says “Since when are you and Blondie BFFs?” Good question Jake – I was thinking the same thing!

Apart from that, I really can’t think of anything else I liked. Oh yeah, Bella did really look sickly and emaciated. I think that was a job well done. But what was with the ugly looking teeth?


The most obvious one is the story itself. I think all the Twilight Saga stories are terrible. Twilight was alright but every successive story got worse. So Breaking Dawn has quite a pathetic story in my opinion.

Firstly I have always expressed my disbelief regarding the Bella-Edward love angle. I don’t know how it happened. All I could get is that if you’re a pale white guy with diamond-like skin, you’ll be sure to attract a lot of female attention. As the saying goes “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Not that I agree with that – but maybe that’s what Meyer wanted to push across as a point.

I think Bella is suicidal – or maybe she thinks becoming a vampire will solve all problems. How else would you explain falling in love with a vampire for no apparent reason and deciding to give birth to something that is most definitely going to cause your death?

The CGI was bad – I mean we are in the 21st century now and we’ve had a lot of films with astounding special effects work. The Twilight saga does not feature on that list however.

The acting of the main characters – is always a disaster. When I said Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner acted well, it means in comparison to the acting they did in the rest of the saga. That isn’t a very big compliment then if you look at it. I think the supporting actors are way better than the three leads.

I could go on, but that rant will continue in ‘The Ugly’.


Apart from the wedding scene and the reception, I can’t possibly think of something that didn’t fit in this category. From the bruises Bella gets on her honeymoon, to her throwing up after eating chicken. (Oh yeah, I can’t get over the fact that she was holding on to the toilet seat with her hands and didn’t bother to wash them. Gross). I found it very difficult to concentrate on anything else after that one unsanitary detail.

From then on, it just gets worse. Let’s start with the entire getting blood from the blood bank and giving Bella some to drink like it’s milkshake. That was plain disgusting. I so could understand Jacob’s reaction. I felt like throwing up. And Bella is crazy because she said she liked the taste! What? Did Edward’s love for human blood rub off on her? Sheesh.

Then the entire horrific birth scene. I don’t think anyone would like to have a kid after that. Plain gross – too much blood and too much skin ripping and bone-breaking. It was pretty graphic and gory. Yeah we get the point! Bella went through lots of pain to give birth to that half-human hal-vampire half-breed. But it could have been done a bit less gratuitously. Again I felt like throwing up. What made that scene worse was how emaciated Bella looked. Seemed something straight out of a horror movie. And we see all the blood after she is supposedly ‘dead’.

Yuck is all I have to say. Now you know why I got those nightmares.

I don’t have a rating for this movie. It would be an insult to ratings. But, to be fair, I’ve seen worse movies than this one (Twilight: Eclipse comes to mind for some reason).

My last word – if you’re planning to go watch this movie and you’re not a Twihard, please carry a paper or plastic bag of some kind so you can make use of it when you want to throw up. That’s all I have to say.

E.O.R (End of Rant)