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I guess I’m not ready to let go of Harry Potter that soon.

I just happened to listen to the opening track of Deathly Hallows Part 2 from the soundtrack (composed by Alexandre Desplat).

Well, undoubtedly, this is the first opening track for Harry Potter that sounds so emotional. Let’s recall the atmospheric Obliviate from DH Part 1, or even Opening from The Half-Blood Prince. Whereas those were pretty dramatic and put you into the film right away, Lily’s Theme is more melancholic and emotional. I love the vocals and the ethereal feel to it. I wonder how the movie will begin with this track.

Well I sampled the other tracks from Part 2 and though I’m currently underwhelmed because of a lack of some very commendable themes, I hope that they will contribute to the overall atmosphere of the last film. I hope I’ll soon start loving the entire soundtrack.

It was quite refreshing to hear Hedwig’s Theme used in a number of places on the DH Part 2 soundtrack, especially because the films have not had that signature theme properly used since The Goblet of Fire.

Regardless of my opinion about the soundtrack’s strength to stand alone currently, I do love Lily’s Theme as it is beginning to sound somewhat like a swansong. It reminds you of the sad reality that this is the last Potter film. 😦

I don’t know how Lily’s Theme will hold up in the film but I’m dying to find out!